2 week challenge

So I realized that just under two weeks is about my max for keeping up a good habit. But I’m looking to grow! Rather than say I’m going to do something for a month (a realistic goal, but one I continually fail to achieve) why not create a more attainable goal, that will in turn provide accomplishment more readily and allow me to create habits sooner, adjust as need be, and go on from there… SO

For the next two weeks, I’m going to:

Pray on my knees before I get in bed
Walk downstairs and get a cup of water when my alarm goes off
Make my bed so I won’t get back in in the AM
Keep 2 verses on my mind/day
Only use cash for purchases
Text/call/connect FIRST
50 push-ups every morning
50 Russians every evening

Every day

strengths and weaknesses

it’s one thing to focus mainly on our strengths and not our weaknesses, but i feel as if we sometimes also ignore some challenges we face that are just difficult for us to do, categorizing them as “weaknesses”.

i believe those “weaknesses” can sometimes be strengths waiting to be formed


areas within our strengths that can be improved upon to better our strengths overall.

life changes

i really need to start journaling. specific journaling, like food intake, rest, water intake, exercise.

i just saw one of my favorite bloggers, Healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit mention about her not getting enough hours of sleep, still getting up early, and feeling sluggish throughout the day. i’ve had the same feelings before, especially when i get up and run or workout, but i’ve only recently been thinking of how my evenings affect how my mornings will go. not just going to bed early, because being in bed doesn’t mean sleep, and being sleep doesn’t mean rest and recoup.

there are a few things i do and don’t do that prevent me from getting real rest, but i want to pinpoint them, and specifically be able to recognize them and change them for a better life over all… probably gonna start that next monday.

#tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

#tweegram (Taken with instagram)